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Electrical Test and Tagging

Test & Tag Services in Adelaide

At TA Electrical, we offer a range of electrical safety testing services along with industrial machinery repair and PLC programming for all types of businesses across Adelaide and surrounds.

Our team of expert electrical contractors are fully qualified, licensed and highly experienced. We offer specialist testing and tagging services for all business types and equipment, RCD testing, Thermal Imaging and Emergency and Exit lighting testing. Besides thermal imaging, all other testing services are compulsory for businesses.

Our team stays fully up-to-date with all testing standards and industry guidelines as laid out in the Australian Standard. We can advise your business on the recommended testing schedules and ensure all electrical equipment is safe, in perfect working order and meets all relevant safety regulations and guidelines. We will also provide a report on findings, keep an up-to-date schedule of due dates and send reminders for bookings to ensure your business adheres to industry regulation.

Why Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging is carried out on electrical appliances including extension leads, office equipment, portable RCDs and items such and 3 phase equipment, welders, pedestal drills etc. It’s designed to ensure the safety of all those using the electrical equipment.

Testing and tagging services are a legislative requirement for all businesses in Australia and employers have a duty of care to their staff and could be found liable for any injuries caused by unsafe electrical equipment.

Testing and tagging frequencies and guidelines are laid out in Australian Standard 3760:2010 and state-based electrical safety legislation.

In the event of damage to appliance leads or plugs, repairs can be done same day if parts are readily available.

Electrical Test & Tagging | RCD Testing

Electrical test and tagging, along with RCD (Residual Current Device) testing, are critical safety measures in the field of electrical maintenance. Test and tagging involves inspecting and testing electrical appliances to ensure they are safe for use.

This process includes visual checks, electrical testing, and affixing a tag indicating the appliance’s compliance with safety standards. On the other hand, RCD testing is focused on checking the functionality of Residual Current Devices, which are safety switches designed to quickly disconnect power when they detect a leakage current.

Regular RCD testing helps identify any faults in the devices, ensuring they respond promptly to potential electrical hazards, thus safeguarding against electrical accidents and reducing the risk of electrical shock or fires. Both electrical test and tagging, along with RCD testing, are integral elements of maintaining a safe working environment and complying with electrical safety regulations.

Electrical Test and Tagging
Electrical Test and Tagging

RCD Testing

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is an electrical safety device designed to monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect any disruption to the normal electrical flow. The switch will immediately shut off the power if any risk of shock or electrocution is detected. RCDs can be fixed into switchboards or power points or portable units.

Installation of RCDs or safety switches is mandatory on all hostile environment circuits. Furthermore, workplace safety legislation requires the use of portable RCDs on any portable electrical equipment.

RCD testing is required according to Australian Standard 3760:2010 for all fixed and portable RCDs.

Different testing processes include:

  • Push button test
  • Operating time
  • Visual inspection
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth continuity
  • Polarity
  • Earth leakage

Besides push button testing, which can be carried out by the user, all other testing must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor annually. If any non compliance is found, our contractors will notify the customer immediately and recommend repairs.

PLC Programming & Automation
RCD Test

Emergency and Exit Light Testing

Emergency lighting is a crucial aspect of workplace safety. It allows staff and clients to find safe pathways to exit points during emergencies.

The Australian Standard stipulates that emergency lighting must be tested, inspected and maintained every 6 months.

TA Electrical will attend to complete testing of the fittings during a 90 minute inspection of battery life. We will also make recommendations for repairs or replacement of any non compliant fittings, or any other suggestions for installations to comply with Australian Standards.

Since 2006, all new emergency lights installed are required to have the pictograph of a running man rather than the word “exit”. There have also been changes in terms of maximum viewing distances for the signs.

Many businesses choose to upgrade to the new pictogram style exit signs for greater safety for their clients and staff. Speak to our professionals about your businesses requirements and compliance.

Electrical Test and Tagging
Exit Lighting

Thermal Imaging Testing

Infrared thermography is a non contact test method used to detect, display and record thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. This testing procedure can be applied in the industry to provide data about a system, object or process and is widely used for preventative maintenance, condition assessment and quality assurance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems. Business can also require thermal imaging to be completed for insurance purposes.

Thermal imaging uses an infrared camera to produce temperature calibrated infrared or heat pictures. Based on these images, small temperature differences can be detected which can indicate anomalies through hot spots. These hot spots indicate likely points of failure for equipment.

Our certified contractor can provide an extensive report on switchboards, machinery and equipment which include likely issues and recommendations for repairs. This testing is not compulsory under the standards but can be scheduled annually upon request.

Electrical Test and Tagging
Thermal Lights

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