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PLC Programming & Industrial Automation

PLC Programming Adelaide

A good PLC is the brains behind any quality automation process.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a computer program used for the automation of various industrial processes. They monitor industrial processes and carry out logic-based, machine-learning decisions to optimise output, efficiency and safety. PLCs are used in a variety of industrial applications from manufacturing operations to mining.

The difference between an efficient well-running system and a poor system can come down to the quality of the PLC programming.

At TA Electrical, our team of licensed electrical contractors in Adelaide provides expert PLC programming along with industrial machinery repair across Adelaide suited to a range of systems and industrial applications. We deliver functional and user-friendly programs specifically designed to suit your applications.

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PLC Programming & Automation

PLC Programming Mobile & Industrial Automation

We can help to streamline machine automation to improve speed, quality of output, repeatability and accuracy, and safety. We can also help with diagnosing and repairing disruptions to automation systems

We’re experienced working across a range of PLC brands and systems and across a variety of industrial applications. We can easily handle a range of systems including Allen-Bradley PLC, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Modicon/Schneider, Omron, Hitachi and more.

We can program and calibrate new systems to suit your processes, update and refurbish older systems to improve performance, and redesign machine controls for aging or obsolete systems.

Out team can provide support across the entire PLC and automation process from conception, design, programming, through to testing and commissioning.

PLC Languages

PLCs can be programmed using a range of different languages. Common programming languages include ladder diagrams, sequential function charts (SFC) function block diagrams (FBD), structured test, and instruction list. Each language has its particular advantages and disadvantages and may be more or less suited to a particular system or application. For example, ladder programming requires a programming software like RSLogix 500 and is built with horizontal rungs with two vertical rails representing the electrical connection on relay-logic schematics. Ladder logic is clear, organised and easy to edit online. However, it is not capable of expressing all instructions, making it difficult to program for applications like motion or batching.

At TA Electrical, our PLC technicians in Adelaide have extensive experience working across all major PLC programming languages.

Benefits Of PLC Programming In Automation Industry

Automation industries heavily rely on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming to control and manage their automated systems efficiently. PLC programming involves writing and designing code that dictates the behaviour and operation of the industrial machinery and processes, ensuring seamless coordination, replacing traditional hard-wired control systems and precise execution of tasks.

Our Automation specialists in Adelaide specializes in providing cutting-edge automation solutions for various industries. One of our core expertise lies in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, a vital aspect of modern industrial automation.

With our team of skilled automation engineers, Automation solutions excels in creating efficient and reliable PLC programs tailored to specific industrial needs. Whether it’s automating manufacturing processes, managing complex systems, or enhancing overall efficiency, our expertise in PLC programming ensures seamless and optimized operations for their clients.

In modern manufacturing plants, automation industries utilize PLC programming to control robotic arms, conveyor belts, and various production machinery. The PLC code is designed to respond to sensor inputs, making real-time decisions to optimize the manufacturing process, and detect and address any issues that may arise.

PLC programming plays a crucial role in enhancing the safety of automation industries. By incorporating safety protocols and emergency shutdown procedures into the code, PLCs can quickly react to potential hazards, mitigating risks and protecting workers and equipment.

Furthermore, automation industries benefit from the flexibility of PLC programming. As production requirements change or new products are introduced, PLC code can be easily modified or updated to accommodate these alterations, providing a cost-effective solution to adapt to evolving demands.

The effectiveness of automation industries heavily depends on the expertise of our PLC programmers. Our skilled professionals are proficient in PLC programming, have been instrumental in designing efficient and reliable automation systems, ensuring that the processes run smoothly and adhere to industry standards.

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At TA Electrical, our commercial electrician Adelaide offer a full range of industrial, commercial and residential electrical services to businesses across Adelaide. Services include PLC programming, repair and maintenance, industrial automation and electrical services, electrical training, machine learning and logic programming, mobile automation, energy saving consulting. Whatever your electrical requirements, we can help.

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Our fully qualified industrial electricians are experienced working across a wide range of industries. We can handle all specialist industrial electrical work from industrial machinery repair and maintenance to PLC programming and everything in between.

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We provide a complete range of electrical services including industrial machinery repair, PLC programming, to all businesses around Adelaide. From general electrical repairs and maintenance to system installation, upgrades or a full shop fit-out, we can handle all your commercial electrical requirements.


We offer a complete range of residential electrical services including industrial machinery repair, PLC programming, to homes around Adelaide. From minor repairs and emergency callouts to smart home system designs and electrical installation for new builds, we provide professional services at highly competitive rates.

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Our expert technicians provide complete PLC programming repairs and maintenance across a range of industries and applications. Services include system design and installation, testing and calibration, upgrades, industrial machinery repair and more. We work with all the major PLC brands, languages and software programs.

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We offer a full range of residential, commercial and industrial electrical testing services including RCD testing, thermal imaging, appliance and tool testing and tagging and emergency and exit lighting testing. All testing is carried out strictly in line with all government and industry specifications and guidelines.


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