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Save money with a home energy audit!

The increasing cost of electricity in South Australia has residents searching for ways to reduce the amount of power they use every day. Undertaking a home energy audit with TA Electrical could enable you to save a substantial amount on your power bills.

What happens during a home energy audit?

During a home energy audit, our master industrial electrician will use a tool called a Clipsal Audit Power Usage Meter to test all of your electrical equipment to measure and record the amount of electrical energy used. They can then predict the yearly cost of running that appliance.  Our professional electricians are skilled in industrial machinery repair and PLC programming services.


How can an energy audit help save energy?

A home energy audit with a master electrician can:

  • Identify inefficient appliances that are drawing more power than necessary
  • Identify appliances using excess power due to repair requirements
  • Establish which appliances consume a lot of energy and should be used less
  • Determine which appliances have a ‘standby’ mode and how much power it consumes
  • Pinpoint appliances using power from being left on unnecessarily
  • Assess which appliance usage could be wasting energy
  • Determine the best method, temperature, mode or time to use an appliance to save the most energy.

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